French Lesson 40

Lesson Objectives

In the summer of 2009, Alexa conducted a series of interviews with various people that she met during a visit to France. Some were family members, some were friends and some were friends of friends. In this lesson you will hear the second part of lesson 39’s interview.

1. The first objective is to experience a real unedited French conversation. You will listen to the conversation a number of times and slowly develop your understanding of the language used.
2. Your knowledge of the subjonctif présent from the previous two lessons will be further reinforced with more practice.
3. You will build more vocabulary and idiomatic language.

Listening Comprehension Questions

1. Quel est le métier d’Anaïs?
2. Avec qui travaille-t-elle?
3. Dans quel endroit travaille-t-elle?
4. Pour quelles raisons est-ce que les gens vont dans cette cure?
5. Combien de temps restent-ils dans cette cure?

...continued on the downloadable support sheet (Lesson Document)

French Lesson 40

Lesson Duration: 50 mins

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