Mes premiers mots de Français - Lesson 2

NOTE: this set should be listened to first


Finger mime: Le petit pouce (the little thumb)
Song 1: Meunier tu dors (windmill keeper, you are sleeping)
Song 2: Frère Jacques (Brother Jack)

The lessons encourage children to develop an interest in the French language and culture. They are designed to be fun, memorable, engaging, confidence-boosting and to build solid foundations for further study of the French language.

Ideally, you should leave some time between listening to each lesson. Lessons can be repeated as many times as you like. Children should be encouraged to mime along (finger mimes exercises) and to participate as much as possible in the lessons.

**Don’t forget to download the WORKSHEET (Lesson Document) that accompanies this lesson.**

Mes premiers mots de Français - Lesson 2

Lesson Duration: 10 mins

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