Bastille Day - July 14, 2019

Posted by Adam on 11th Jul 2019 in the blog in the video category

Bonjour, this year to commemorate Bastille Day, my sister Lo Polidoro sings La Marseillaise - jazzy style.

Enjoy, bisou bisou xx

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Top 10 French films that changed my life...

Posted on by Adam in the misc. category

Ok here I am again and I still do not know what to write on my blog. There are only so many necklaces made out of paper clips that one can make ... Ok, let's sit still for a minute and come up with something interesting... The top 10 French films that changed my life....for the best.... I think... well I will come back to you on this one!

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French Slangcast - Episode 6

Posted on by Adam in the audio category

This is the sixth of a ten-part audio lesson looking at French slang with two friends: Mimi and Momo.

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