Joyeux Noël 2016

Posted by Alexa on 12th Dec 2016 in the blog in the video category

Bonjour everyone and Joyeux Noël !

This year, to celebrate the build up to Noël, we made this little festive video for you to enjoy.

Enjoy! Bisou bisou xx

French Lyrics

Douce nuit, sainte nuit !
Dans les cieux ! L'astre luit.
Le mystère annoncé s'accomplit
Cet enfant sur la paille endormi,
C'est l'amour infini !
C'est l'amour infini !

Saint enfant, doux agneau !
Qu'il est grand ! Qu'il est beau !
Entendez résonner les pipeaux
Des bergers conduisant leurs troupeaux
Vers son humble berceau !
Vers son humble berceau !

Approximate English Translation

Sweet night, holy night!
In the heavens, the star shines!
The announced mystery is fulfilled,
This child, asleep on the straw,
Is infinite love!
Is infinite love!

Holy child, sweet lamb!
How great, how beautiful!
Hear the sound of the reed-pipes
of the shepherds who lead their flocks
To his humble cradle!
To his humble cradle!