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Indefinite articles - part 1 (practice)


To practise using indefinite articles “un, une, des” in context.


An indefinite article is a word used to designate an object which is not specific.

In French, the indefinite articles agree in gender and number with the noun they qualify. Therefore, they are:

· un (masculine singular) - un chat (a cat)

· une (feminine singular) - une maison (a house)

· des (plural) - des pommes (apples)

Words ending in -e and -tion are mostly feminine. Words not ending in -e are therefore masculine. However there are many exceptions such as words in -age, -isme which are masculine.

Please learn the article with the word when you learn a new word as a way to associate straightaway the gender to the noun.


Fill in the gaps using the right indefinite article

1. _______ ville

2. _______ chapeau

3. _______ chaussettes

4. _______ cahier

5. _______ cheval

6. _______ journaux

7. _______ tasse

8. _______ chien et _______ chats

9. _______ assiette et _______ couteau

10. _______ animaux