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Indefinite articles - part 2 (practice)



An indefinite article is a word used to designate an object which is not specific.

In French, the indefinite articles agree in gender and number with the noun they qualify. Therefore, they are:


Another point to take into account is that the indefinite articles un, une become de or d after a negation.


Fill the gap in the following sentences using the right indefinite article. Please take into account the gender and number of the noun that follows the article, as well as whether the sentence is in the negative form or not:

1. Nous avons _______ bicyclette.

2. Il y a ________ livres sur la table.

3. J’ai préparé ________ gâteau au chocolat.

4. Tom porte ________ chaussures noires.

5. Vous n’avez pas ______ voiture.

6. As-tu ________ frères ?

7. C’est _______ bonne idée !

8. Alice boit _____ verre de limonade.

9. Nous achetons _______ fleurs.

10. J’ai _____­­­ télévision mais je n’ai pas _____ ordinateur.