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Apporter vs. emporter (practice)


  1. Tom porte un pull rouge.
    Tom is wearing a red jumper.
  2. Ils partent en vacances et emportent une seule valise.
    They are going on holiday and taking one suitcase with them.
  3. Elle apporte des chocolats aux enfants.
    She is bringing some chocolates to the children.
  4. Ce sac est lourd à porter.
    This bad is heavy to carry.
  5. Le professeur apporte son soutien aux élèves.
    The teacher is bringing his support to the pupils.
  6. Plats à emporter.
    Take away meals.
  7. Tu emportes toujours trop de choses quand tu pars en voyage.
    You are always taking too many things when you go travelling.
  8. Hier, nous avons mangé chez Paul. Nous avons apporté un gâteau.
    Yesterday, we ate at Paul's. We brought a cake.