The Only Way to Start Speaking French Fluently in 2021

Introducing the Alexa way!

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A message to all frustrated beginner & intermediate French students...

Do you want to Speak French like a native without spending hours tapping language apps & studying textbooks?

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The online French learning method that will take you from relying on google translate, to understanding the French language like a native.

I want to start speaking French like a native!

From A0 to C2 level

Having a real conversation in French like a native speaker is absolutely possible.

Many people want to speak French fluently but quickly become frustrated in the start of their journey because:

  • They feel overwhelmed with the crazy amount of scattered information there is on the internet.

  • They do not have the budget for super expensive private lessons.

  • They have tried multiple methods of learning before but never experienced the progress they really wanted.

  • They can understand the language quite well when spoken to, but often find it difficult to express themselves confidently when speaking.

  • They are hesitant to speak, and nervous they will end up saying something wrong.

  • They hit a 'learning wall' and have no idea how to break through it.

I absolutely guarantee you that it is possible for you to start speaking French like a native without digging yourself into a hole, spending countless hours studying tiresome grammar and getting nowhere. Even better, with dedicated time and effort you will see results in as little as 3 months. Alexa Polidoro - Learn French With Alexa
The lessons are 100% actionable, you will be taking everything you learn and applying it in real world situations right away. You will have the chance to ask questions and receive feedback from your teacher. Alexa Polidoro - Learn French With Alexa

Hear what our students are saying...

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Stefania from Egypt 🇪🇬

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The Alexa Way!

My goal with this program is to guide you step by step to becoming an articulate, and confident French speaker no matter your current level, age or nationality.

That is exactly why I separated myself from the outdated, conventional methods of teaching widely used around the world and created something much more actionable and effective. My method is aimed toward helping students to not just read words on a page, but understand the french language and hold conversations in real life!

It may seem a little too simple to be true…

but the secret to speeding up your progression is that you only really need 2 things:

  • A clear action plan, and a great teacher that understands you.

  • The students who have access to this are able to leapfrog months of learning and experience progress excitingly fast.

Speaking like a native in 9 months or less is 100% possible

When you have a clear action plan that guides you step by step through everything you need to know purposefully, and logically speaking fluently in 9 months can become easy. Of course, as long as you are willing to put in the time and effort.

Clear Action Plan + Expert Guidance = Speaking Like a native in 9 months or less.

Unique Style

Alexa's fun & unique style will help you master the skills necessary to gain complete confidence in speaking French.

Audio Versions

Exclusive downloadable audio versions of Alexa's popular French video lessons for on-the-go learning.

Lessons that are Fun, Dynamic and Ensure daily progress.

Learning this beautiful language should not feel like a chore.


Speaking French is truly an impressive skill, and while it requires a lot of effort it most definitely doesn't mean you have to mentally prepare yourself to watch every lesson as if convincing yourself to walk into a freezing cold shower.

Real Life

All of my lessons are structured to fit real life situations that will make sense for you to learn, while more technical concepts are taught in a way that is simple and easy to grasp. That way you can implement everything you learn so you can make progress with momentum and excitement.

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Exclusive course

Exclusive Course

Exclusive 'Beginner to Advanced' video course carefully structured from level A0 (entry level) to level C2 (proficiency).
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Alexa Live

Exclusive access to Alexa's regular fun live online French lessons plus the replay videos of more than 100 live lessons.
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Support Guides

Exclusive video worksheets & support guides which can be downloaded and printed.
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Monthly Plan

$35 a month

($35 Billed every 1 month)

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3 Month Plan

$25 a month

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Annual Plan

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My Name is Alexa Polidoro

and since 1996, I’ve been teaching French. In this time I’ve helped tens of thousands of people from various countries, ages, and walks of life learn to speak french with confidence.

I’ve also had the opportunity to share a lot with my students - including the bad parts. I shared their frustration. The feelings of being stuck, confused, and all together just fed-up because the very language that was meant to be exciting to learn, quickly became a burden.

All the while, I gave hundreds of free lessons on youtube to show people a new way to learn that would reignite their spark of excitement for learning this unique & valuable skill.

But in 2010 I realised there was a problem. For every new person who started learning French, there were three who would just give up out of frustration with the outdated and ineffective methods by which they were trying to learn from.

It’s why I created Learn French with Alexa.

...not so I can give you more grammatical rules and worksheets to complete. So you can take my methodology, understand the language, and start to speak like a native in real life.