About Alexa

I arrived in the UK in 1992 as a fresh-faced au pair. (I still feel fresh-faced, by the way…) I soon began teaching French to a few keen people here and there—some adults, some kids—whilst working as a waitress for a well-known Pizza establishment. When they asked me to become the manager, I freaked out and decided instead to become a teacher, full-time.

The French Ecole Mascot

I began working for a private language club teaching Primary School children but soon realised I could do things better on my own, and so I started a little language club called The French Ecole. This is 1997, by the way.

Arrow pointing left to The French Ecole mascot

The French Ecole became quite big with more than 20 teachers all over London using my teaching methodology in Primary Schools, Nursery Schools and Private Clubs. We had, and still have, a great reputation.

Then, because I love teaching so much and trying out new things, I began recording some lessons so that I could reach a wider audience. I made a set of audio lessons called “French For Beginners”, which were one of the very first free language Podcasts on the Internet. At the same time, I created a language course for children called “My First French Lessons” which was also very popular and recently prominently Lingomania mascotfeatured in a National Newspaper’s weeklong educational promotion.

By now I’d founded a second company called Lingomania – Crazy about Languages (It sounded good at the time…) to deal with all our “products” (CD Audio Courses and what have you) but I soon realised that trudging down to the Post Office each day and sending out CDs all over the world was time-consuming and, well, a bit too 20th Century for my liking.Arrow pointing right to Lingomania mascot


So I took the digital plunge and created learnfrenchwithalexa.com. My main aim is to provide the highest quality lessons, content and materials, but also to keep things fun, whether it’s for adults or children. That has always been my ethos: If you enjoy it, you’ll learn quicker and more effectively. (And the journey will be so much better!)