Speaking Practice Sessions

Practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to speaking French. The aim of this masterclass is to help students practise their French speaking skills in small groups, growing their confidence and learning to express themselves in cross-cultural conversations.

What's Included

  • Ten sessions per block
  • Small groups of ten or less to facilitate speaking
  • Worksheets to follow along during the lesson
  • One-hour live class

Upcoming Sessions

Beginner Speaking Practice - Tuesdays at 4pm (26th September - 28th of November)

This block is now fully booked.

Beginner Speaking Practice - Thursdays at 10am (28th September - 30th of November)

Places are available: book your spot below.

Beginner Speaking Practice

This Level 1 masterclass is designed to help with basic conversational French speaking, for those with an elementary knowledge of the French language (CEFR A1).

Date: 28th September - 30th of November

Time: Every Thursday at 10am (British Time) for ten weeks.

Cost: $260.

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Course Contents

  • Week 1 - Lets get started in French
  • Week 2 - The weather
  • Week 3 - Days of the week / months
  • Week 4 - Daily life
  • Week 5 - Hobbies
  • Week 6 - Food
  • Week 7 - Restaurant
  • Week 8 - Family
  • Week 9 - Town and directions
  • Week 10 - Round up activities and pronunciation

Frequently asked questions

How many classes are in the masterclass?


How will the masterclass courses help my French learning?

The masterclass is designed to help with French speaking practice.

How good does my French need to be to join the masterclass?

We recommend joining the masterclass appropriate to your CEFR level, as outlined below:

• Level 1 masterclass - A0/A1 level
• Level 2 masterclass - A1/A2 level
• Level 3 masterclass - A2/B1 level
• Level 4 masterclass - B1/B2 level
• Level 5 masterclass - B2/C1 level
• Level 6 masterclass - C1/C2 level

If you are unsure which French level you are at, please take our French Placement test.

Can I join this masterclass if I am a complete beginner?

Yes, you can join the Level 1 masterclass as a beginner. We encourage beginners to start The Complete French Course alongside the masterclass. The Complete French Course focuses on reading, writing and listening, while the masterclass provides you with an opportunity to practise your speaking skills

What if I can't attend a class?

No worries if you miss a class, feel free to jump back into the next class. There will be study guides available for each class so you won't feel left out.

Will I be reimbursed for the classes I've missed?

Unfortunately we can't offer reimbursements on missed classes within the speaking practice sessions. This is a continuous 10-week block designed to growing your confidence and learning to express yourself in cross-cultural conversations.


The scheduled times and dates may be subject to change if a teacher should become unavailable for whatever reason. This also means that the beginning and end dates for the course may change slightly.

In the event that this happens, we will endeavour to let you know, along with the new timing for the class, as soon as possible.

If the timings no longer work for you, you will have up to 14 days after the date of purchase to request a refund. Masterclass courses cannot be exchanged or switched for any course at a later date or time.

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