Our Company Values

Why We Do What We Do


Our raison d’être is to make learning French online an entertaining and enriching experience.


Our vision is to offer affordable, accessible and achievable French language learning to people of all backgrounds, across the globe.

Four Guiding Principles

We believe that learning a new language is a process that, done properly, can, and should, be a force for good in the world.

It's our responsibility, and privilege, to make sure that happens for our students. As such, we have four guiding principles and company values that underpin everything we strive to achieve.

1. Simplicity, not simplification

We love grammar. You might even call us, ahem, grammar geeks. But when it comes to helping our students learn French, our guiding principle is to make the content we create clear, concise and memorable.

We do not over-simplify, we do not use gimmicks, we do not promise you'll be fluent in a week, we do not pretend that learning a new language is not difficult.

We've had the pleasure of seeing thousands and thousands of our learners achieve amazing things and we know the effort and determination that it takes.

Our pledge is that every day we use our considerable language knowledge and teaching experience to create the best and most accessible language-learning content that we can, in order to make sure your French-learning journey is a successful one.

2. Learner-focused, not technology-focused

We're a pretty modern crew here at LFWA. We love the clicks and the swipes, the downloads and the uploads, but first and foremost we love our learners.

So every product we create, every system we use, is underpinned by our understanding of the language-learning process, and what is best for the learner.

If it helps create an environment where you can flourish and achieve your goals, then we're on it quicker than you can throw a mouse at a malfunctioning monitor.

But if it doesn’t then we don’t use it, no matter how shiny or popular the technology may be.

3. Fun, not formal

Yes, it takes effort. Yes, it takes persistence. And yes, it can be hard. But it doesn’t have to be boring.

At LFWA, we're professional, knowledgeable, and serious about good teaching. But we also wear our humour and levity proudly on our sleeves.

So when you watch our videos or attend our masterclasses, we can’t guarantee that you won’t have a chuckle or three along the way.

This isn’t because we’re a bunch of frivolous fun-loving francophones. It’s actually fundamental to our pedagogy: you learn better when you’re happy. It’s a scientific fact.

Plus, we can’t lie: we kind of are a bunch of frivolous fun-loving francophones.

4. Endgame, not endless

We are here for as long as you need us. But, if we’ve done our job properly, you won’t need us forever. We are always focused on your personal French-learning endgame.

Of course, we’re an ambitious company, we want to grow, we want to pay our amazing team great wages. But we will never employ cynical marketing tricks or convoluted systems to keep you paying unnecessarily.

We will never pretend you need more of our service than you do.

We will never slow down the learning in order to make an extra buck.

We’re here for as long as you need us and no more.

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