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World-famous French teacher A one-of-a-kind course designed specifically for the TEF exams Enjoy Alexa’s unique teaching style across easy-to-follow audio, video and written content Perfect for intermediate and advanced learners
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The perfect guide to succeeding in the TEF exam

  • 100s of TEF exam practice exercises, videos and support guides
  • Access to Alexa’s monthly live lessons, including over 100 past live lessons
  • 2 hours of TEF speaking practice with one of our TEF experts
  • Feedback on 2 TEF writing exercises from one of our TEF experts

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Some common questions about Alexa's TEF Exam Preparation Course

How long will I be able to access the TEF course?

Unlike the Complete French Course, the TEF course is not a subscription. Once you’ve bought the course, you will be given lifetime access, so you won’t ever need to worry about renewing it.

However, if you’ve purchased the TEF & 'The Complete French Course' Bundle, you will be given 1 year's access to the Complete French Course.

Will your course help me to achieve a high score in the TEF exam?

Alexa and our team of TEF experts have created this highly effective TEF preparation course. We've collated all of our specific test knowledge to create invaluable lessons and quizzes and to bring you the best techniques, strategies and tips to guide you through the TEF exam step by step. You will be given structured methodical practice to have everything you need to get top marks in one of the toughest French exams out there.

How good does my French need to be for me to find the TEF course helpful?

We recommend being at least B1 (intermediate) level before embarking on our TEF course. The TEF is a difficult exam, and our tests and lessons are designed to accustom you to the kinds of questions and exercises the exam will ask of you.