GCSE French Preparation Course

World-famous French teacher Structured, easy-to-follow and fun Covers all parts of the exam Builds the confidence and skills to help you excel
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The perfect guide to succeeding in the GCSE exam

  • Videos, audio, guides, worksheets, exercises, quizzes and exam-busting tips
  • Tons of topic-based vocabulary and conjugation audio lists to give you that extra boost
  • Detailed essential support guides for each exercise
  • Audio and video designed to improve your comprehension, fluency and pronunciation skills

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Some common questions about Alexa's GCSE French Preparation Course

What is the GCSE?

The GCSE, or General Certificate of Secondary Education, is a qualification taken by school students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as some institutions in other countries around the world, in order to prepare them for the final two years of secondary school and for the job market. There are around 60 subjects with GCSE qualifications—including, of course, French.

With which exam boards is this course compatible?

The Learn French with Alexa GCSE course has been designed to align with the AQA exam board. This means that while students undertaking a French GCSE with another exam board may find the guides, videos and other resources useful for improving their French, it will not prepare them for their respective exams or coursework.

Will the course receive any updates?

The GCSE course will be continuously updated to reflect any changes to the AQA French GCSE. This includes the reforms that will be implemented in September 2024.

What if I want to take the GCSE course, but my French level isn't quite good enough?

It is recommended that students undertaking the GCSE course have a minimum level of A2 in the CEFR. (You can check your level here.) However, those with a lower level may benefit from Alexa’s Complete French Course, which covers all levels of French proficiency, from the very basics to advanced French. You can purchase the GCSE course and the Complete French Course together at a discounted rate as part of a bundle.