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I am deaf and the lessons you provide are so helpful for me, your facial expressions and speech formation allows me to lip read and understand French, and I'm able to converse in French for the first time. Sarah Hawksworth - Oxfordshire, UK
The course not only structures the right content but also makes the study process lean and effective, allowing me to sail through my language learning journey in hyperdrive mode! Jimmy Dotiwala - Mumbai, India

I really enjoy your friendly voice and nice relaxed attitude when driving back home after a work day. PEKKA KAARIAINEN - HELSINKI, FINLAND
I absolutely love your lessons. You are an excellent teacher with a wonderful sense of humour. CARRIE MCMAHON - CALIFORNIA, US
Dear Alexa, I have been enjoying your lessons very much, and am glad to become your supporter and subscriber. You really are a fantastic teacher! TIANYE KANG - SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA
Alexa has been able to combine professionalism and humour into her online French Course, in such a way as to make learning with her a genuine pleasure. MICHAEL BURREL - KENT, UK
I absolutely love Alexa her lessons are amazing and so entertaining! Sheri Kaminski - Southampton, United States
Thanks for putting together such great material. It was well worth the price. BRUCE WEERTMAN - SEATTLE, US
I want to thank Alexa and the team for a great and interactive course. I've completed almost 30 lessons and I can safely say that you are doing a great job of teaching French better than any of my French teachers. Sriram Sridhar - Chennai, India
I am seriously enjoying Alexa, there are so many people online and it is Alexa who holds my attention the most, a good voice and a cracking sense of humour. She is very engaging, and I can follow her lessons easily. Makes for fun and super effective lessons. Megan Martinaux - Dax, France
I’m enjoying the engaging voice and the easy pace. It’s remarkably personal... ANTHONY NARCISSO - WASHINGTON, US​
Alexa and your team, vous êtes wonderful. Keep up the great work! JENNIFER HAMILTON - VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA
I would be grateful if you can pass on to the team how thankful I am for this fabulous site. Alexa's clear explanations are exceptional as are the professional learning aids used in her classes. The tests were not available when I first joined the course. I have found them exceptionally useful. Using all the supplementary resources has been useful; my understanding of grammar and vocabulary is improving, and I am finding my written French is more fluid. I am 55 soon and never imagined I would get as far as I have. The availability of pre-recorded lessons is fabulous. SALLY CLAYTON - HEREFORDSHIRE, UK
I want everyone to know how excellent the course and the teaching is. I am happy to share that I have achieved Level A2 in speaking and B1 in writing and listening in the FIDE language test only with help of these courses. I want to thank your team again and again, especially Alexa, for giving us such wonderful lessons. She is the best teacher I have seen. It is only because of all your lessons and the way it is taught that I have developed interest in learning French rather than only for need purposes. I hope next time I write the same in French.Thank you all again! This is the best place to learn French. Pallavi Vishwakarma - India
I really liked your french course, it was undoubtedly the best choice for me and I really enjoyed your teaching style. Thank you very much for such a great course. Xun Huang - Westmount, Canada
I have watched some of the pre-recorded Live Sessions and find them sooo engaging. Thank you once again for providing such a thorough foundation and exciting way to learn French. MARIE-LOUISE LYNTON - ROCKDALE, AUSTRALIA
I am 67 years old so I take a little longer to learn nowadays, however you explain things very well and I can now even understand some French TV! DAVID CARUANA - FGURA, MALTA
I was a teacher for many years, and I'm impressed with the excellence of your teaching and the organisation of your lessons. ROSELYN TEUKOLSKY - PASADENA, US
I love your site and your podcast materials, particularly Le sujet de la semaine. It is a great resource for improving my French listening skills. I could speak on almost any subject in French, but when confronted with hearing a native French speaker, I had difficulty understanding more than a few words. Le sujet de la semaine was a huge help in overcoming this. I applaud your efforts and wish you the best of luck in your ventures. KERWIN LUMPKINS - COLORADO, US
I can't thank you enough for the great job you and your team are doing. I am pleased to let you know that I sat for french DELF B1 exam last month. I received the results this afternoon and guess what? I passed the exam thanks to your very helpful videos on YouTube and your amazing website. I started learning french with you from A0 and here I am with my good results in B1. You're helping many people out there learn and perfect their french. Thank you so much!!! Au revoir, Bisous bisous!🌹 Edith Nyambega - Kenya
I should note again that I enjoy your lessons, they are exciting and your style is amazing. You make me laugh many times. Learning French with Alexa is good fun! PETYA DANCS - MISKOLC, HUNGARY
I love your excitement for the language. I am just a baby beginner but I visit your site every day. I just wanted to say awesome job. JULIE GUILFOYLE - CINCINNATI, US
I have to say nobody does it like Alexa - she is amazing!! CAROL FORD - MARGATE, UK
I am enjoying your lessons very much [...] Je voudrais vous remercier pour m’aider. PETER ROBERTS - PHOENIX ARIZONA, US
I have a very demanding job particularly at this time of year and so having toured through Google I came across Alexa and wow I am learning faster and it is being retained. PHIL MIRFIN - RUGBY, UK
After listening to Alexa’s way of explaining the grammar it was like the clouds parted and I could see the sun. I am beginning to understand and now it is making much more sense to me. Susan Hurley - Toronto, Canada
Salut, Alexa! Je m’appelle Cairo, et J’habite eux (is that right? lol) les Philippines. I’ve been listening to your podcasts lately, and they’ve been very helpful! Thank you very much, you’re a wonderful teacher. I’m still halfway done, but I’m already thinking of taking up French in college. (It’s not exactly a common subject to take up here in my country.) :D Alright, that’s enough. Haha. You can tell by now that i’m a big fan, and that i’ve already endorsed you to probably a dozen friends already. Much love from the Philippines :x — Your student, Cairo. CAIRO DOMINGO - QUEZON CITY, PHILIPPINES
I just wanted to say thank you again for the wonderful course. The worksheets & extra videos are a wonderful bonus too. I am enjoying it immensely. Alexa’s teaching style and her presentation make it a real joy to study and I feel like I am actually there in the room with her. I’ve been teaching for over 40 years and feel I can tell a good teacher from an ordinary one and Alexa is brilliant. We are back in Covid lockdown here in Sydney so I have some extra time to spend on the lessons. Once again a deep bow of appreciation to you, Alexa and the team. Stephen (Tejadhammo Bhikku) - Sydney, Australia
I enjoy your course and following the live sessions. It makes you feel part of a community. CHRIS BILLINGS - HAYLE, UK
Your videos have been tremendously helpful. And they are so much fun! Thank you very much for your effort... STEPHANIE MELICK - NEW YORK, US
Alexa, I am so proud of myself, but I could not have done it without you. You and your staff are making a difference in the lives of so many people around the world! MAUREEN HAROM-SCHAEFER - FLORIDA
I began French lessons a week ago with a tutor who recommended your site to me. (More accurately, yours was the only site she recommended!) KEVIN WALDIE - READING, UK
I have benefited tremendously from your excellent French course during the past year, which has hugely supplemented my knowledge of the language obtained many years ago. WILLIAM SMITH - WILTSHIRE, UK
I just wanted to say that if do reach lesson 40, I will be the one buying You a bottle of champagne, Seriously! Keep safe and keep entertaining us... you make me believe I really can learn French! DAVID UPFIELD - SUSSEX, UK
Currently working through the old "live" sessions and finding them very helpful. Alexa has a great on screen persona which make the sessions easy to engage with and never a chore. KEN PHILLIPS - CARDIFF, UK
Hi Alexa. J’adore les leçons. Vous êtes un professeur fantastique! JACKIE CZERNIAK - RED DEER, CANADA
Dear Alexa,I just have to congratulate you on producing one of the finest masterpieces of learning I've ever encountered. I’ve taken many classes and the way you teach French, just makes my head explode. In a good way! LOLI study hard and your program is just amazing and gives me hope! I love your style of teaching. I laugh out loud with your videos…(you playing 3 characters in sup video lesson 4). Hysterical! And the amount of material to learn and the great quizzes?? I just can’t believe it and for the price? Amazing. You are very generous and extremely talented. I hope you know how much I appreciate this as I’m positive if I can get through your course even once and then maybe another time and another…I will be someone who speaks French to others. I know it. I’m so excited!!!Barb :) Barb G Berg - United States
I really enjoyed the lessons and they have really helped me. I think that they are some of the best on the web. Carl Larter - Birmingham, UK
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