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Posted by Josh on 30th May 2023 in the blog in the category

At Learn French with Alexa, we offer a multitude of resources, from the CPD-certified Complete French and TEF courses, to blogs, podcasts and everything in between. But when there's so much information to take on board, we understand it can be a little overwhelming to stay afloat.

Whether you're new to the website or have been using it for some time but want to make sure you're making the most of what Learn French with Alexa has to offer, this short guide will help you find your way around.

Let's start with the navigation bar. Here you'll find a dropdown for all the main sections of the website:

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  • Our French Courses — information on the courses we offer, with access for subscribers. You can also find extensive verb and vocabulary lists here
  • Why Learn with Alexa — testimonials, FAQs and additional info about the course
  • Alexa Live — a catalogue of Alexa's past live lessons
  • Blogs and Podcasts — these are routinely updated and free to listen to
  • Contact Us — your first port of call if you have a question or concern

As you navigate the website, you may notice that many features are not immediately accessible. These are features which are restricted to subscribers to the Complete French Course or TEF course, and you can unlock them by purchasing a subscription. You'll find more information on how to do so on the locked page, along with the option of trying a free sample lesson. We also suggest watching the welcome video on the home page, in which Alexa walks you through the courses, and other materials which you can find on the website and on social media.

But don't just take Alexa's word for it. The 'Why Learn with Alexa' tab on the navigation bar includes video testimonials from students of the Complete French Course, as well as many written testimonials towards the bottom of the page. Here you can also see the members of Alexa's team, who help out behind the scenes, and work together to make sure Learn French with Alexa is as engaging, informative and unique as it can be.


For even more feedback, feel free to click on the star reviews you can see on the home page. These are updated automatically, and will redirect you to Trustpilot, which is where we receive most of our reviews.

Once you've made an account, the 'Log-in' button at the top right of the page will turn into an 'account area' button. Here you can manage your subscriptions, check your payment details, track your lesson bookmarks and access other useful features.

As a subscriber, you can also make use of the Alexa Live tab, which lets you view hundreds of past live lessons on a broad range of subjects. You can be notified of upcoming live lessons by subscribing to the newsletter.


We also have resources which you can use without needing to log in or purchase anything. These are the blogs and podcasts, which you'll see in the tab to the right of Alexa Live. The blogs cover all sorts of topics, from current affairs to the niceties of French grammar, and are updated regularly. In the podcast, Alexa speaks with colleague and guests and addresses all the things about French you've always wanted to know.

Finally, if you have any queries or issues, there are numerous ways you can get in contact with us via the website. First of all, if you click on the blue circle with a question mark at the bottom right of the page, an email template will appear, allowing you to message a member of our support team directly. The final tab on the navigation bar will also provide you with contact details for Learn French with Alexa Ltd., including email, telephone number and address. You can find our email address and telephone number again at the banner at the bottom of the page. This banner appears regardless of which page you happen to be on. Here you will also find additional resources, such as Free Lessons for Kids, a test to help you evaluate your French level, an explanation for the different CEFR levels, a detailed course outline, and buttons which will redirect you to our pages on various social media platforms. At the bottom right, you will also see a link to FAQs — it's worth checking these out before getting in touch, to see if your concern has already been addressed.


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