Netflix Party with Alexa!

Posted by Adam on 2nd Apr 2020 in the blog in the french culture category


The African Doctor

Bonjour everyone!

After a few technical hiccups, Alexa and fans managed to watch a movie together via the Netflix Party app.

It was great fun and there seemed to be people from all over the globe watching! If you were present then please use your social media to write a review and tell people how it went.

We will be planning another one soon. Do let us know your suggestions for French movies to watch.

Very cute and heartwarming movie. Love the idea of watching a movie with people from all over the world and chatting at the same time. Thanks Alexa for the explanations and comments during the movie. Hopefully see you soon at another movie night.

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Netflix Party Instructions

In order to attend, you will need the chrome extension which you can download here.

Netflix Party synchronises video playback and adds group chat so Alexa and everyone else watching can chat together during the movie. For more information on Netflix Parties, you can check out their website here.

Movie trailer

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