A bit about me!

A real French teacher

I'm a real French teacher who has been working in schools and private classes across London for the past 20+ years. I know, I don't look a day over 25!


For the past few years, I have been building a vibrant YouTube French-learning community which currently has 1 million+ subscribers and more than 75 million views! My audio lessons have been featured in British National Newspapers and my very popular free podcast from a few years ago was downloaded over 10 million times.

French language course designer

The lessons on this website have been meticulously structured to take your French to the next level and are the result of mine and my team's professional teaching experience with learners of all ages and levels.

That's it, enjoy the site, merci et bisou bisou xx

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Dear Alexa, I learned very rudimentary French in third grade (primary school) as a child of 8 to 9 years old. We had a teacher named Mrs Diehl who gave us more than was required and we benefitted from her knowledge of the French language. The things that stuck in my memory were “Un Flambeau Jeanette, Isabelle”, “Un Elephant, ça trompe, ça trompe”, “Un, deux, trois, nous irons au bois”. This learning took place in 1964-5, in Philadelphia, PA, USA. I am now 53 and was just musing and decided to google the lyrics of the songs as I could remember them and your site came up! It must make you laugh but I want to thank you for helping to reinforce these delightful childhood memories and correct my horrible childhood mangling of your beautiful language! Thank you again!! JOE HALBLEIB - FREMONT, US
I have benefited tremendously from your excellent French course during the past year, which has hugely supplemented my knowledge of the language obtained many years ago. WILLIAM SMITH - WILTSHIRE, UK
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