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Become fluent in French with Learn French with Alexa, your way to mastering the language from anywhere. Engage in live lessons every two weeks for interactive learning experiences directly with Alexa herself. There's never a dull moment in Alexa's fun, unforgettable video lessons.

Subscribing to Learn French with Alexa ensures a dynamic and effective language-learning journey.

The Complete French Course has CPD certifications. Receive certificates demonstrating your French proficiency levels from A1 to C2, which can be presented to employers and educational institutions.


Can I stack this discount with another?

No, this discount cannot be combined with another discount.

What happens after this discount code expires?

After the 12 consecutive months of using this discount code, the subscription will resume at the regular price.

Can I pause my subscription and resume at the discounted price?

No, this discount only applies for 12 consecutive months.

What if I miss the sale?

If you miss the date, unfortunately, we can't offer the discount anymore. If you sign up to our newsletter we will update you on the next sale.

I already have a subscription, can I get the discount?

Sorry, this offer is valid for new subscriptions only.

I'm having problems checking out.

If you are having issues checking out, please contact [email protected] and they will be able to assist.

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