Happy Easter enjoy discounts on favourite courses this holiday!

Posted by Kafi on 8th Apr 2022 in the blog in the category

Happy Easter!

LFWA Easter Sale v1 blog

We have an exclusive 10% discount which is valid until midnight (British Time) on Tuesday 19th April 2022. This code can be used on any Learn French with Alexa new subscription or TEF and TEF+ course.

The discount code is: EASTER10

Please contact for further assistance with this coupon, or to ask further questions.

*Terms and Conditions

  • The Easter sale coupon code will expire at midnight on April 19th 2022, and cannot be used after that date.
  • Once the code has started, it applies the discount for a maximum of 12 months.
  • The code is valid for new customers only.

See our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions page for more terms and conditions on our coupon codes.

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I grew up in a francophone household. All the movies we watched were translated into French. The translated titles were very interesting even then, before I knew they were not the originals. I was eleven years old when I discovered that Maman j'ai raté l'avion (Mum, I missed the plane) and Maman je m'occupe des méchants (Mum, I'm taking care of the bad guys) were actually the same movies as Home alone one, two and three to all my anglophone school friends.

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