Wednesday Live with Alexa Summary

Posted by Nancy on 16th Apr 2020 in the blog in the learning french category

To help you stay entertained and knowledgeable during the quarantine period, Alexa hosts a live Q&A on YouTube every Wednesday at 7PM GMT. During yesterday's live session, Alexa shared tips on how to tell time in French, tips on how to effectively learn French, explained the difference between "alors" and "donc" and more.

Live sessions are great for those who are not yet subscribers/members on the website or YouTube to ask Alexa all those burning questions. They do get quite thorough and our team makes the extra effort to answer as many questions as possible.

Below is the video breakdown of what was covered, feel free to skip to the bit you need the most help with.

3minutes 15: Tips to learning French
4minutes 57: How to ask the time
6minutes 43: Numbers from 1 to 24
7minutes 47: How to say 60, 70, 80 and 90
12 mintes 27: Guess the time
15 minutes: How to say half past, quater to, quater past
26 minutes 12: What is the meaning of ‘bien’ in : nous prendrions bien du café
29 minutes 25: difference between "Alors" and "Donc"

31 minutes: When to use: "Puis-je ?"

As always, make sure to set your notifications on YouTube so you never miss another LIVE session.

Bisous bisous!

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