Learn French with...Poli!

We know it's difficult to find partners with whom to practise your French.

Well, not any more!

Say hello to Poli, our friendly, French-speaking chatbot! Employing cutting edge AI technology that makes practising your French easier than ever before, Poli is the perfect language partner. Chatting with Poli is just like chatting with any other French speaker, with some key differences:

1. She's an expert when it comes to French.

2. She replies instantly, in both French and English.

3. She's always available, and never asleep when you need a late night chat about pronunciation or irregular verb patterns.

Poli's knowledge bank is based on a vast compendium of French language resources, meaning she's able to talk with authority on pretty much any topic. Plus, she's fully voiced - you won’t believe you’re talking to a chatbot!

How does it work?

Click this link to access the chatbot through either Facebook Messenger or Telegram. Sign up to the free 7-day trial, and Poli will appear as another contact. After the trial finishes, the subscription is USD$9.99 per month, and grants you unlimited access to the chatbot.

As ever, get in touch with our support team if you have any queries or issues. You'll also find a feedback button on the chatbar in the Telegram and Facebook apps, should you encounter any issues.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need Facebook or Telegram to speak with Poli?

Yes, you will need to download Facebook Messenger or Telegram, or use the desktop version, to speak with Poli.

If I subscribe to the Facebook Messenger version of Poli, will I be able to use the Telegram version too (and vice versa)?

If you want to wish to speak with Poli on both platforms, you will need to purchase two separate subscriptions.

Can I speak to Poli in both French and English?

Poli will understand both written and spoken French. She will usually understand written English, but will not always understand spoken English.


Currently, Poli is not able to correct spelling or grammar mistakes made by the user. However, she draws from a range of authoritative sources on the French language, so the responses she provides are reliable and accurate. As Poli is an A.I., it is possible that she may herself commit errors on rare occasions. If you happen to spot any, please let us know via the feedback button. Poli is a work in progress - we are constantly working to make her even better, and your feedback is important to us.

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