Essential French Halloween Vocabulary

Posted by Josh on 31st Oct 2023 in the blog in the french culture, learning french category

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Halloween can be a learning experience as much as a frightening one. While this spooky holiday isn’t quite as popular in France as it is in some other countries, the French still have plenty to say about it – from manches à balai to citrouilles d'Halloween. So, whether you’re trick-or-treating among your French neighbours or tucking in to a spooky French horror film, now is as good a time as any to brush up on your French Halloween vocabulary.

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English French
Pumpkin La citrouille
Blood Le sang
Lantern La lanterne
Jack o’lantern La citrouille d'Halloween
Broomstick Le manche à balai
Sweets/candy Les bonbons
Cauldron Le chaudron
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English French
Vampire Le vampire
Skeleton Le squelette
Witch La sorcière
Ghost Le fantôme
Mummy La momie
Zombie Le zombie
Spider L'araignée
Bat La chauve-souris
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English French
Scary Effrayant/e
Misty Brumeux/brumeuse
Dark Sombre
Evil Malfaisant/e
Creepy Qui file la chair de poule

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