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frenchify your valentines day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. This year’s celebrations will look very different for many of us around the world. In the United Kingdom, Valentine’s Day 2021 will be spent at home. All restaurants are closed; unless you’re getting takeaway, you are fresh out of luck. This means, you must come up with something to do in-house for your chéri (e).

Now more than ever, Valentine’s Day should be about doing and offering more heartfelt things to honour your loved ones. This isn’t limited to a romantic partner, love should be shown to your family members, friends, and most importantly, yourself. You’ve got to make sure you love yourself.

So, whether you are single or in love, below are 3 ways to Frenchify your Valentine’s Day weekend and ensure you have a phenomenal time.


A little gift is an amazing way to show appreciation. This year, we recommend offering something practical, rather than material. A subscription course to learn the most romantic language in the world (French, duh), is just what you or your loved one needs this season. Here are three reasons why you should gift the opportunity of learning French:

  1. French is sexy. Did you know that in 2020, French was voted as the world’s sexiest language?
  2. Learning French exposes you to many opportunities. We’ve seen an influx of demand from our Indian and Nigerian YouTube followers wanting to learn French to move to Canada or France in order to access better opportunities. Wherever you are in the world, bilingualism is always considered an asset.
  3. Amazing French programming on Netflix. Lupin, Call My Agent, and many more. There are more and more French programmes making their ways to Netflix. Wouldn’t you want the ability to thoroughly enjoy them?

This weekend, enjoy a 20% OFF discount on our subscription course by using the code AMOUR20. Give yourself and a loved one the amazing gift of French.


French cuisine is one of the revered in the world. It’s full of flavour and sophistication, just what you need for the most romantic weekend of the year. Stumped on what to make for your sweetheart? Catch up on Alexa’s Cooking in French series on IGTV where she teaches how to make crêpes, the easiest breakfast food that can be quickly elevated with a little bit of chocolate to make a very romantic breakfast in bed.


There is no shortage of romance in the French cinematic universe. Why not watch a movie or two while enjoying delicious French wine? Below is a list of amazing French romance movies that are sure to make your Valentine’s weekend extra special.

  1. Les Émotifs Anonymes (Romantics Anonymous)
  2. Prête-moi ta main (I do)
  3. Le goût des autres (The Taste of Others)
  4. Amour
  5. Jeux d’enfants (Love Me if You Dare)

There you have it! The Learn French with Alexa guide to an unforgettable Valentine’s Day. We hope you enjoy it!

As always, à bientôt et bisou bisou!

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