Top 10 shows and movies to watch on France Channel

Posted by Josh on 23rd Oct 2023 in the blog in the french culture, french media category

France Channel hosts the best French movies and TV shows around. We asked them for their top 10 recommendations, and here's what they suggested...

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Dr Knock

Starring Lupin’s Omar Sy, Knock is a ferocious comedy about a hustler turned doctor who relocates to a remote village in the French Alps in order to take over the practice of a retiring colleague. Unfortunately for Knock, the invigorating climate and pure mountain air are a recipe for good health, depriving the eponymous doctor of customers. But Knock is determined to change that, and make his fortune in the process…

2 Alone in Paris

The premise of this 2008 comedy movie is that everyone in Paris has disappeared — except a clueless policeman and the burglar he’s been pursuing for years…


If you prefer your comedy a bit more grounded, this relatable cult movie is for you! Tanguy revolves around the domestic lives of a couple whose adult son — the titular Tanguy — refuses to move out of the house.

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Poet, painter, composer and singer Serge Gainsbourg lived a truly remarkable life. This fantastic biopic tells his story with style, from his time in the occupied Paris of the 1940s to his affairs with Brigitte Bardot and Juliette Greco. A must watch for anyone interested in the art and life of this French icon.

Where it all Begins

Set in the prestigious Auguste Armand Institute in Gard, Where It All Begins showcases the gruelling work ethics of France’s top chefs — and the amazing recipes they produce. Now premiering for the first time in the U.S. exclusively on France Channel.


Camille Cottin is known internationally for her roles in Stillwater, Call My Agent, House of Gucci and Killing Eve, but in France she's perhaps best known as the star of Arrogant, a hit comedy series that follows the travails of a stereotypical Parisienne and her self-serving lifestyle.

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This drama series debuted in 2015. Imprisoned for fraud, Romain is forced to join the crew of an elite gastronomic restaurant as part of his prison sentence.

The Lovers of Notre Dame

A few years ago, Notre Dame Cathedral burst into flames. Repairs are still underway, thanks largely to significant donations from across the globe. This documentary focuses on the American donors and their fascination with one of the world’s most famous cathedrals.

Claude Monet

You’ve no doubt seen many of Claude Monet’s famous paintings, perhaps even in person. But do you know about the life of this pioneer of Impressionism? This fascinating documentary takes us on a tour of the life of Monet, from his troubled first forays into art, to to his enduring legacy as one of the most important painters of all time.

Who will be the next great Pastry Chef?

Another show about France’s chef scene, Who Will Be The Next Great Pastry Chef? pits nine participants against one another as they compete for the crown of best pâtissier. Watch from they edge of your seat as they prepare exquisite dishes, while overcoming tough challenges and demonstrating their profound expertise.

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