Top French Movies Releasing in 2024

Posted by Josh on 5th Mar 2024 in the blog in the film category

Watching movies in French is one of the best ways to learn the language. It lets you get a feel for the way French is meant to be spoken, as well as training your listening skills (not to mention your reading skills too, if you’ve selected subtitles). Given that watching movies is also a great way to entertain yourself, this method of 'passive learning' might almost feel like cheating, especially as France is home to some of the best cinema in the world.

2024 looks set to continue that trend, with a variety of exciting new films on the horizon. From biopics of famous musicians to apocalyptic comedies, there’s something for everyone.

Nice Girls

From director Noemie Saglio, who has achieved renown for her work on Stranger Things, comes Nice Girls. The story follows Léo, a police officer determined to uncover the mystery surrounding the death of one of her colleagues. It’ll debut on Netflix this year.

The Count of Monte Cristo / Le Comte de Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo has been given the movie treatment numerous times in the past, (including a TV series this year), but this looks set to be one of the most striking adaptations yet. For those who don’t know, this 19th century French classic is the tale of a man who seeks revenge after escaping from prison.

Beating Hearts / L'Amour ouf

Romance, songs, comedy - Beating Hearts has it all. Based on the novel Jackie Loves Johnser OK?, the plot centres on the romance between Clotaire and Jackie, and the tribulations they face when Clotaire ends up in prison.

Werewolves / Loups-Garous

Another film debuting on Netflix this year is Werewolves. Based on the popular boardgame of the same name, this fantasy comedy is set in a village beset by visits from werewolves every night.

The Empire / L'Empire

Comedy and science fiction meet in this whimsical apocalyptic movie about two warring alien factions whose conflict arrives on the shores of France.


For fans of the composer Maurice Ravel, Boléro goes behind the scenes of the production of one of the French maestro's most famous compositions.

Kensuke's Kingdom / Le royaume de Kensuké

While it was released in the UK last, this co-production between France and the UK received general release in February 2024. Based on a Michael Morpurgo book, this animated film tells the story of a boy lost at sea, who washes up on a mysterious island.

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