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According to Luis von Ahn, there are more people actively learning a language through DuoLingo than the entire US public school system. I'm sure that figure rings true for French, and other popular languages. Technology has long claimed its place in the way we learn. Now more than ever, as we remain confined at home, many are taking to their computers and smartphones to learn a new language. At Learn French with Alexa, we have seen a rise in subscriptions on the website and social media pages. We pride ourselves on our ability to teach online, it's what we love doing more than anything else.

We are happy when you purchase our subscription plans and get cracking on your French lessons. Usually, the first two months are when our subscribers are most active. The majority tend to become less active as the months go by. We get it, learning French is HARD. It is one of the most complex languages to learn, especially when you do not come from a Latin-language background like Italian or Spanish. Even for us native French speakers, the language still gets complicated.

We want to encourage you to continue on your quest of becoming a Francophile. Although complicated, French is one of the worlds most beautiful language (the most beautiful if you ask us). Though learning online can feel lonely, long and boring at times, sticking to it until the end will make it worthwhile. Whether your goal is to mingle with the Parisians on an upcoming trip to France, or emigrate to a new country, here are our top 5 tips to help you learn a new language online.

Selon Luis von Ahn, informaticien guatémaltèque et professeur assistant au département d'informatique de l'université Carnegie-Mellon, il y a plus de personnes qui apprennent activement une langue via DuoLingo que grâce au programme scolaire public américain. Je suis sûr que ce chiffre sonne vrai pour le français et d'autres langues populaires. La technologie a longtemps revendiqué sa place dans la manière dont nous apprenons. Aujourd'hui et plus que jamais, alors que nous restons confinés à la maison, beaucoup de personnes se tournent vers leurs ordinateurs et smartphones pour apprendre une nouvelle langue. Chez Learn French with Alexa, nous avons constaté une augmentation du nombre d'abonnements sur notre site web et les comptes de nos réseaux sociaux. Nous sommes fiers de notre capacité à enseigner en ligne, c'est ce que nous aimons faire plus que toute autre chose.

Nous sommes heureux lorsque vous vous inscrivez à nos abonnements et que vous vous lancez dans vos cours de français. Habituellement, les deux premiers mois sont ceux où nos abonnés sont les plus actifs. La majorité a tendance à devenir moins active au fil des mois. Nous comprenons ce changement car apprendre le français est difficile. C'est l'une des langues les plus complexes à apprendre, surtout si vous ne venez pas d'une culture latine (Italie, Espagne). Même pour nous, francophones, la langue de Molière reste difficile.

Nous voulons vous encourager à poursuivre votre envie de devenir francophile. Bien que compliqué, le français est l'une des plus belles langues du monde (la plus belle si vous nous posez la question). Bien que l'apprentissage en ligne puisse sembler une activité solitaire, longue et parfois ennuyeuse, s'en tenir jusqu'à la fin en vaut la peine. Que votre objectif soit de vous mêler aux Francophones lors de votre prochain voyage en France, ou d'émigrer dans un nouveau pays, voici la liste de nos 5 conseils qui vous aideront à apprendre et à maîtriser une nouvelle langue en ligne.

Learning a new language online 7
Learning a new language online

Learning a new language can seem quite scary. Because I already speak French (my first language) and English, I am currently challenging myself by learning Spanish. At 29 years of age, a new language does not have much space in my already busy brain. One thing I find that works for me is setting aside a dedicated 30 minutes per day to practice. For me, it's the first half of my lunch hour. During that period, I focus on my Spanish exercises with no distraction. It hasn't been very long since I started, but I can already see a big improvement. Studies show that 30 minutes is about the maximum time most people can focus on learning tasks without taking a break, so I'm on the right track. One way to do this is by scheduling it (I use Google calendar to remind me).

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Different languages make different demands on your tongue, lips and throat. To help with pronunciation, it's important to watch others talk often. Since we can't travel, YouTube is the next best thing. For French learners, the Learn French with Alexa YouTube page is your perfect rendezvous. Alexa has many videos where she breaks down the pronunciation of difficult words and offers her best tips. Another great tip is to watch your favourite movies and TV shows in French with subtitles.

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Know your motivation and stick with it. Why are you learning French? For many of our Learn French with Alexa community members, reaching a B2 level can change their lives. Many want to learn French to move to Canada or France. For others, new language skills represent a promotion at work, filled with travel opportunities and more. Others want to get to a basic conversational level to holiday in France like a pro. Whatever your motivation, use it to reach your goal. It's very crucial to commit, so make sure to really know why you are doing it before deciding to start.

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This one is highly dependent on your motivation. When you pay for a course, you have an additional incentive to be serious about it, especially when you hope to move countries or up the employment ladder. Paid language courses also come with all the bells and whistles you will not find in a free course. For example, Alexa's paid course offers a full French curriculum designed to take you from the French level A0 to C2. In addition to that, the course contains many worksheets, videos (exclusive to the website) and access to Alexa's support via email. It's important to ensure that you will be committed before subscribing because it is demanding. The same goes for any course you spend money on.

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Try learning the way children do. When kids learn, they are more willing to make mistakes and are less self-conscious. As kids, we were expected to make mistakes. The older we get, those same mistakes become taboo. When it comes to language learning, make as many mistakes as you can. Let go of your inhibitions. Practice out loud, make the ridiculous "r" sounds as many times as it takes to get it right. If it helps, when you practice your French, do so alone in a room where no one can hear you. Another tip is to practice in front of a mirror, that will help you build the confidence you need for when you do have to speak it in public.

There you have it, our tips for effective language learning. If you have any questions about learning French online, feel free to email our team at [email protected], we are always happy to help.

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